And the animals reappeared


Production Teatro delle Ariette
Written by Catherine Zambon
Translation and direction by Paola Berselli et Stefano Pasquini
With Paola Berselli et Stefano Pasquini
Organizing secretariat Irene Bartolini
Press & communication
Raffaella Ilari



We did a lot of shows in our life, before.
The last one, Thitrty years of wheat, debuted in Matera, the European capital of culture in 2019, just before the pandemic.
Then, in March 2020 all projects derailed, as everybody’s life. There was emptyness then ghosts started to appear and gain substance and consistency. The stuff as dreams are made on became flesh and words; thoughts and feelings coagulated into actions and reactions and became theatre.
During the spring/summer 2020 we conceived “And the animals reappeared” from a text by Catherine Zambon, a contemporary french writer, who wrote it in the first lockdown. We performed it outdoor, in the fields of the Ariette.
Now we are performing it again with new autobiographical contents in the “Ariette-style” and suitable for indoor spaces in theatres as well.

And the animals reappeared is set in a dystopian future which is alarmingly similar to our present. The main character is a 70 years-old woman who went through the Age of the Great Contagions and the long period of Faunal-Health Reorganization and she has to confront the reality of a new world, modern, cruel, hard, dark and with no mercy on the edge of a catastrophe.

We were amazed by the text, besides the dystopian science fiction contents, because of the protagonist’s humanity, her compassions for all the forms of life. Between the lines of this text set in the future, the author slides our misterious, ambiguous present.
And we find there all the questions without answers that accompanied us in the last two years, when we could not perform or go to the cinema, when we couldn’t see our friends or go out…
All those questions we want to share with you now.