evento per 30 commensali (an event for 30 guests)


by Paola Berselli e Stefano Pasquini
with Paola Berselli, Maurizio Ferraresi e Stefano Pasquini
directed by Stefano Pasquini


Theatre to eat? was conceived in a kitchen, the kitchen of our farm, the Ariette. We were making tagliatelle, speaking with Armando Punzo and Cinzia de Felice who had stayed with us after the show of the night before.
Theatre to eat? Was first performed on July 18th 2000 in Volterrateatro and during these years became a real living creature: it grew up, matured and acquired the experiences of more than 900 perfomances all over Italy and Europe.
Since then, so many things have changed in our life, but the catching force of that self-portrait, of that public confession still amazes us.

Around the big table where we find ourselves, actors and audience, to share the time for lunch or dinner, something happens that we cannot explain.
Such a deeply human rite that is able to bring us all in the heart of our present, in the very moment of the "here and now", without mediation, in the evidence of truth of our lives.